Power Metal - Project Portfolio Update

Power Metal Resources plc (LON:POW) the AIM listed metals exploration and development company is pleased to provide a project portfolio update for shareholders.

Paul Johnson, Chief Executive Officer of Power Metal Resources plc commented:
“Power Metal has built a diverse portfolio of interests and has multiple projects in the active exploration phase. The latest position for all our project interests is outlined below, together with details of targeted near-term news flow across our business.

To assist investors and shareholders keep track as we push ahead with multiple exploration programmes we continue to enhance our communications tools embracing both public and investor relations disciplines. The Company’s corporate website is being updated at present and a new website is to be launched in the coming month. We are also looking to launch or enhance project level websites where appropriate.

We work hard to keep our corporate presentation fully up to date with each Company announcement, so it should remain a primary tool for shareholders wishing to learn more. Today we are also launching a Project Dashboard for shareholders which will be held on our website and contain an updated overview of each project, its status and near-term plans.

Power Metal are seeking large scale metal discoveries through active exploration, much of which is currently underway or about to commence. Given the level of activity it’s important we remain open to feedback. Therefore, should shareholders have any questions, or suggestions, please let us know via info@powermetalresources.com.”

Project Information Sources for Shareholders:

Further details in respect of Power Metal’s nine project interests can be found on the Company’s website:


The Company maintains a frequently updated Corporate Presentation which provides an overview of each project and additional corporate information and this may be viewed through the following link:


Recognising the breadth of the Company’s projects, and the ongoing active exploration across numerous projects, Power Metal have today launched a Project Dashboard. This provides an updated list of Company’s projects, their current status and each project’s targeted near term newsflow.

The Dashboard is now embedded into the Company’s website and a pdf copy may be downloaded through the following link:


The latest project status and targeted news flow is also outlined below. Shareholders should note that the targeted outcomes and plans may be impacted by a variety of factors, of which readers will be aware the continuing Covid-19 pandemic remains a material factor. Power Metal works with its in-country partners to mitigate and manage all risks proactively and efficiently to ensure where possible the safe continuation of ground operations.

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5 October 2020


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