Warrant Update and Extension of Insider Warrants

Power Metal Resources PLC (LON:POW) the AIM listed metals exploration and development company is pleased to provide a warrant update for shareholders.

Update Regarding Exercise of Warrants Expiring February 2021

On 18 February 2019 the Company issued warrants (the “February 2019 Warrants”) as part of the refinancing of the Company as outlined below:

Description Number of Warrants Exercise Price
Financing Warrants 200,000,000 1.0p
Advisor Warrants 5,000,000 1.0p
Debt Settlement Warrants 6,000,000 0.5p

All February 2019 Warrants carried a two-year life which ended yesterday on 18 February 2021.

Power Metal can now confirm that, save for the 40 million Financing Warrants held by insiders and connected parties, further details of which are provided below (the “Insider Warrants”), the Company has received valid exercise notices for 100% of all the February 2019 Warrants.

The Company is currently processing exercise notices and will provide an Exercise of Warrants market announcement in the coming days.

Warrant Exercise Proceeds and Working Capital Summary

In total the exercise of the February 2019 Warrants to date has raised an additional £1.68 million for the Company and in total all warrant exercises in 2020/2021 have raised circa £2.9million.

This inflow of monies has significantly increased the Company’s working capital, including cash and listed investments, which currently stands at circa £3.28 million.

Extension of Insider Warrants

As at 18 February 2021 the following February 2019 Warrants held by Directors or their related parties remained outstanding (“Insider Warrants”):

Warrant Holder Number of Warrants Exercise Price
Paul Johnson 10,000,000 1.0p
Andrew Bell 10,000,000 1.0p
Red Rock Resources Plc 20,000,000 1.0p

The Insider warrants were issued following participation in the February 2019 Financing.

The Company is currently finalising its audited financial statements for the year ended 30 September 2020, which Power Metal expects will be announced to the market in the week commencing 22 February 2021, consequently the Company is in a close period.

In addition the Company is currently managing numerous exploration programmes and corporate activities across its portfolio, including matters pertaining to its Australian gold joint venture, Red Rock Australasia Pty Limited, in which the Company holds a 49.9% interest (with joint venture partner Red Rock Resources plc (LON:RRR) holding 50.1%).

As a result, the February 2019 Warrants held by Paul Johnson (Chief Executive Officer of Power Metal), Andrew Bell (Chairman of Power Metal and Red Rock Resources plc) and those held by Red Rock Resources plc, could not be exercised on the expiry date of 18 February 2021 and may be extended under the warrant instrument, as outlined below.

Under the February 2019 Warrant instrument clause 2.3 provides that should any February 2019 Warrantholder be in the possession of price sensitive information and be thereby precluded from exercising warrant subscription rights, the exercise period shall be extended until 20 business days following the date on which the Warrantholder ceases to be an insider.

Given the level of ongoing operational activity there is a material likelihood that the receipt of price sensitive information could frequently restrict the ability of Paul Johnson, Andrew Bell and Red Rock Resources plc to exercise the February 2019 warrants.

Reflecting the above the Company has extended the Insider Warrants expiry date by three months to a new expiry date of 18 May 2021.


The extension of the Insider Warrants held by Paul Johnson, Andrew Bell and Red Rock Resources Plc as outlined above, have been treated as a related party transaction for the purposes of AIM Rule 13.

Scott Richardson Brown and Edmund Shaw, being the independent Directors for the purposes of the extension of the expiry date of the Insider Warrants held by Paul Johnson and Andrew Bell and Red Rock Resources Plc consider, having consulted with the Company's nominated adviser, SP Angel, that the extension of the warrant expiry date to 18 May 2021 to such related parties is fair and reasonable insofar as the Shareholders are concerned.

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19 February 2021


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