Projects Overview


Project: Molopo Farms Complex

Target metals: Nickel - Copper - PGMs

Objective: Discovery | Seeking to secure a major metal discovery under sand cover by applying latest technology to identify large scale targets for early drilling

Status: Active | Ground geophysics underway to establish prime drilling targets from 17 zones of interest already identified

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Project: Haneti

Target metals: Nickel - Lithium

Objective: Discovery | Through drilling of large targets identified from geological survey and follow up work to secure a major nickel sulphide discovery

Status: Active | Drilling nickel sulphide targets in near term and separately exploration review of lithium pegmatites with additional rare earth element potential

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Project: Cobalt Blue Holdings

Target metals: Cobalt - Nickel

Objective: Discovery | By demonstrating geological similarity of POW licences which are near to, and slightly larger than, the licenced ground holding the large scale Nkamouna cobalt deposit

Status: Active | Pitting programme underway to a depth of 15m to analyse below surface and take samples for testing

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Ivory Coast

Project: Lizetta II

Target metals: Nickel - Cobalt - Chrome

Status: Review | Project under review as part of POW strategic and operational review

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Project: Kisinka

Target metals: Copper - Cobalt

Objective: Discovery | Seeking to secure a major metal discovery within our current/future licence ground helping to confirm Lubumbashi region as a new copper-cobalt district

Status: Active | Project wide termite mound sampling just completed 7km copper anomaly identified and full results report now under review

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