The Alamo Project

Location of the Alamo Project

Location of the Alamo Project

Power Metal Resources has acquired an option to earn in up to a 75% interest in the Alamo Gold Project.

The Alamo gold project is a package of mining claims covering an area of approximately 766 acres and is situated in west central Arizona, USA.

The Project was originally identified as prospective for gold following the discovery of native gold nuggets near surface in numerous locations.

In addition, the region in which the Project is situated is prospective for precious and base metals, with regional mines that have produced silver, lead, gold, zinc and copper.

Gold Nuggets found at the Alamo Project

Gold Nuggets found at the Alamo Project

The geological environment supports further exploration to investigate the source of the nugget gold and the potential for a large mineralised gold system.

Circa 60 ounces of gold Nuggets have already been found on the project area, by prospectors using metal detectors, with the largest Nugget weighing in at 5 ounces.

The composition of the nuggets is of particular geological interest in that both smooth/rounded and crystalline nuggets have been recovered, which suggests some difference in the distance of travel from their bedrock source (rounded nuggets having typically travelled some distance whereas the source of crystalline nuggets would be more proximal) pointing to potential scale and further prospectivity.


Project: The Alamo Project

Target metals: Gold

Objective: Discovery

Status: Active
Planning for initial exploration programme centred on geochemical sampling and project mapping.


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